Personal compentence for senior managers (seminar)
Medical hypnosis – because physical health and mental power belong together

This seminar introduces you to the state of self-hypnosis and trance in order to be able to use your own resources better. Moreover, participants will learn about the basic principles of the physiological performance curve as well as about burnout and how to prevent it. Thus, you will automatically become more sensitive to employees that are vulnerable to burnout.

This seminar is intended for:

Managing directors and executives

The seminar's evaluation

The three day business coaching seminar was evaluated. During the course of the seminar an evaluation of “quality of life/performance reserves” reflected an increase in the average overall grading of all participants, from 2.3 up to 1.8.


  • 2 Seminars
  • Organiser: „Raiffeisen Campus“ and " – London/Vienna“
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Participants: Alltogether 24 senior managers from Austria


The participants were twice given an identical, anonymous questionnaire on the theme of “quality of life – performance reserves”, with 18 questions relating to 6 different areas. This questionnaire was first completed right at the beginning of the seminar and then again 2 weeks after the end of the seminar. The evaluation was designed in accordance with the Austrian school grading system (1 being the highest grade, and 5 the lowest). The total number of points (with 18 the best score, and 90 the least good) was ascertained, as well as the average grade (from 1 to 5).


  • The average overall grade increased from 2.3 to 1.8.
  • The response rate for the second questionnaire was 75% (18 out of 24 participants).
  • The average total score improved from 42 to 33 points.
  • One individual evaluation improved by 26 points. The increase in this evaluation resulted in a grade of 1.4 which was the top score.